21st Century Pioneer

Dr. Fred DiUus, a life-long entrepreneur and educator, is one of  21st Century’s early pioneers in developing online and blended higher education advanced technologies that have propelled innovations to spread knowledge worldwide - skills learned as a 25 year Wall Street investment and international financial adviser to individuals, institutions and governments. 

In the late 90's, DiUlus fashioned the first international WEB based Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom and Ethics (CEFE). Promoting CEFE Fellowships, the CENTER offers individuals opportunity to share their time and talent worldwide through the The Billion Dollar Project and online certificate programs in Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

In turn CEFE Fellows under DiUlus' leadership created a unique one of a kind college and university developer - Global Academy Online  - the number "1" online and blended university builder in the world today. Painstakingly created in an environment of intense and outdated traditional criticism and resistance by establishment traditionalists, the Academy grew and developed over the past fifteen years. 

DiUlus' Global Academy Online unique patent-pending process, The Gauntlet,  organizes, develops and manages exceptional new schools, universities and training centers

21st Century Author

Best and Worst Online Schools, 2016, 14th Edition

As the father of ONLINE college ratings and ranking DiUlus offers analysis of the key by which all online universities are measured today. 

Way of the Entrepreneur  1st Edition

A 50 year odyssey of Dr. DiUlus wit and wisdom on how to go it alone and succeed in a world teetering on the brink of economic chaos. In bookstores and online in 2016.


                                                                                                              Fred DiUlus, PhD                                   

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